Atlas Trading Co

Atlas Trading Co:94 Wale Street, Cape Town;  (021) 423 4361;

Atlas Trading in Bo Kaap, Cape Town is a dark cave of enticing aromas. Boxes of spices, rice and legumes line the shop and friendly shop helpers will scoop these into brown paper bags for you, folding the bags tightly closed with a practiced flick of the fingers.

I buy my spices, herbs, legumes, seeds, dried fruit and nuts here.

To give you an idea of how affordable sprouts and legumes are here:

  • Soya beans: R.9.26/kg
  • Lentils: R14.50/kg
  • Mung beans: R23/kg
  • Chickpeas: R21/kg
  • Almonds: R76/kg
  • Pumpkin seeds: R77/kg
  • Sunflower seeds: R28/kg
  • 100g packets of mustard and fenugreek seeds to sprout are under R2.

The same goes for spices!

And after all, a little stroll along the cobbled alleys always makes the trip worthwhile!


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