Make your own iced tea

I’ve always been against soft drinks such as Coke. Lions drink water after all. But every now and then a tasty drink is wonderful!

For the non-lions out there, here is a recipe for some delicious iced teas:


Depending on the quantity you want to make, either boil a kettle and make a nice big pot, or boil a pot of water on the stove.

Add fresh root ginger and some rooibos tea bags or tea leaves. Allow to brew and then pour into glass bottles. Allow to cool to room temperature before putting into the fridge.


When lemons are plentiful, make a stock of lemon and rooibos iced tea. Simply mix up some rooibos and add some lemon juice!


I love spices- perhaps just because they are a perpetual excuse to head to Atlas Trading Co in Bo Kaap!

Make up some rooibos and throw in a cinnamon stick, some cardamon seeds and a couple of cloves.


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