Raw Cacao Snackbar

This is a creation I am particularly fond of. I love chocolate and I need constant snacks. This snack bar is super quick to make and is packed full of energy! I make it up in 4 minutes in the morning but you can make them in bulk and store in the fridge.

These snack bars need no cooking! The trick lies in using dried dates as a binding agent. At Pick n Pay you can find Montagu Dried Fruits bars of dried dates for something silly like R7. I chop these up and cover with water in a mug and cook in the microwave for about 45 seconds until it starts bubbling.

Meanwhile, in a bowl I combine sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, some raisins, chia seeds and a good spoon of raw cacoa powder. (You can mix any combination of seeds in.)  All you do now is stir in the dates and it makes a thick chocolatey substance. I spoon this onto wax paper and press into a bar shape. I wrap the bar nicely in the wax paper and then some tin foil. Ready to eat, to shove in your backpack or store in the fridge for later…

Dates are an excellent source of quick energy.  If you’re a cyclist, hiker, trail runner or whatever, these bars are a cheap and wholesome alternative to packs of Gu.

However, if your aim is to lose weight, be careful of dates’ super energy and eat these bars in moderation! Dried fruit is a sneaky source of sugar that is easy to over-do!


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