Finding a Balance: Tips to Alkalise your body

Blood is the way that oxygen and nutrients are distributed through the body. For the blood to be able to do this job properly, it needs to be within a very specific pH range – 7.36 to 7.44 which is slightly alkaline. If the blood acidifies, you could well find yourself feeling tired, craving stimulants like coffee and craving food. However, if oxygen and nutrients are being delivered to your body efficiently, you will have energy and fewer cravings. Additionally, if your body is acidic, it will store fat around your organs to protect them from the acid. So if you alkalise your body, it is free to shed that protective fat.

The food that you eat is a major determinant of your body’s pH. I am trying to cut down on the foods that acidify my body and include more alkalising foods.

Foods that acidify your body:

  1. Processed foods.  When your body digests processed foods, it creates an acidic by-product.
  2. Caffeine. For me, drinking coffee in the morning is highly habitual. I like to drink my coffee, then have breakfast a little later. I’ve tried to change my early morning habit to be mixing up a glass of wheatgrass and drinking that while I wait for my chia to soak.
  3. Soft drinks. These contain carbonic acid, not to mention refined sugar. Try my healthier options to wean yourself off soft drinks and onto water.
  4. White refined sugar and artifical sweeteners. Oh no! Life is no longer sweet! Never fear, here’s a page on how I’ve been incorporating natural sweeteners instead of the bad guys.
  5. Alcohol. The acidity created by alcohol starves your brain of oxygen, which causes the dizziness and headaches.
  6. Soy. This one I’m quite happy to cut out. As a vegetarian, I’ve never used soy as a meat substitute, just based on a gut instinct that it was too processed for my liking. Turns out it also acidifies your body since it is processed in aluminium tanks. If you do want to eat soy, opt for organic soy sauce, tofu or tempeh and not those boxes of Veggie Hamburgers.
  7. White refined flour. This is also an empty-calorie carb, which blocks the intestines.

Foods that alkalise your body:

  1. Citrus. An easy way to intake citrus is just putting lemon in your water.
  2. Green leafy vegetables. Rocket, spinach, purslane, lettuce. Unfortunately leafy plants are the ones that farmers spray the most pesticides onto, so increasing your intake of greens will also increase the amount of pesticides you’re eating. Have a look at Harvest of Hope to consider getting organic greens instead and read my organic debate.
  3. Herbs. Herbs are a nice easy way to get into growing your own food, and even if you live in a flat you can have some potted herbs growing.
  4. Sprouts. Sprouts are delicious and surprisingly easy to prepare at home. Read more about sprouting.
  5. Celery is very alkalising and also aids digestion.
  6. Wheatgrass and sunflower greens. Wheatgrass is highly alkalising and is so packed full of chlorophyll that it’s known as liquid sunshine. I drink a glass of it every morning – you can buy the powder at Superfoods.

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  1. […] of veggies and recently have been wanting to eat even more – especially greens as they are good alkalisers.  I’ve recently been learning more and more about why it’s so important to be eating […]


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