The Raw Food Frenzy

Recently I was hit by raw food from every angle. Every magazine I picked up had an article on raw eating in it and every second person was talking about it.

The Living Food for Africa site is a fantastic resource that talks about the benefits of raw living.

And the benefits are great! However, a lot of the benefits of raw eating are not exclusive to raw – they are benefits that one gets from not eating meat, eating organic and eating whole foods that are not processed, preserved and packaged (my 3 evil Ps).

So my opinion is that it is not necessary to be 100% raw in order to obtain a large percentage of the benefits – for your own health as well as the health of the earth. At a certain point, I believe that the energy needed to maintain a 100% raw life starts to outweighs the benefits.

So I encourage you to incorporate as much raw food as possible without spending too much time muttering about why you don’t want to be fully raw. Go be 50 (or whatever)% raw and start trying it out tomorrow.

  • Try out my raw recipes
  • Sprout! This is a very easy and inexpensive way of including more raw food into your diet. Instead of adding cooked lentils and chickpeas you can sprout them instead.
  • Check out the raw food spots. Earthshine has put together a list of raw resources in SA which is also useful.

My raw recipes:



Snacks/ Desserts:


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