Aubergine salad

This is a lovely fresh and filling salad with lots of greens, olives, tasty aubergine and parmigiano.

Aubergine salad and a glass of wine

Wednesdays are always wonderfully filled with an abundance of fresh vegetables after my Harvest of Hope box arrives on Tuesday afternoon so I decided to take advantage with this nice fresh salad!

  1. Slice aubergine into 1cm rings, then slice again into strips.
  2. Salt the aubergine and allow the salt to draw any bitter liquids out of the flesh for 5min or so. Rinse well. I do this by putting the chopped aubergine in a colander, tossing with plenty of salt and then simply running water over once it’s ready.
  3. While waiting for the aubergine, make a big salad of lettuce, rocket, tomato and olives.
  4. Fry aubergine in a pan with a little olive oil and garlic.  After a few minutes, add a little water and cover with a lid until they are soft all the way through.  Add some fresh chopped rosemary. Pour a generous amount of balsamic vinegar and cook uncovered until the vinegar reduces.
  5.  Add the aubergine on top of the salad and sprinkle generously with grated parmigiano. 

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