Getting through winter

Winter is when I am so much more reluctant to eat raw foods and much prefer baked goods to fresh salads.  But winter is when the germs attack and bodies need all the goodness they can get.

Here are some of my ideas on getting through winter – little compromises are better than not even trying to incorporate raw eating .

  1. Only- just- cooked soups. For those not fully raw, but who still want to preserve the goodness of their food, soups can actually be a decent option. They’re warm and filling and you don’t have to cook them for hours on end like your great aunt did. Use soft veggies (like broccoli) and steam them very lightly just enough to soften them slightly. I put a centimeter of water in a pot, throw the veggies in, and put the lid on for a minute or two and then blend them. Also, once you have cooked a soup, add in leaves such as baby spinach and blend it in for hidden nutrients.
  2. Add raw veggies and greens into cooked foods. Play around with not cooking everything and keeping some ingredients nice and raw. Try spinach, grated carrot, grated baby marrow, grated butternut.
  3. Keep sprouting. Add sprouts to everything for a boost of fresh goodness.
  4. Warm porridge. As a treat when it’s cold I like to add in steamed cinnamon apple slices to my usual chia porridge.
  5. Make the most of what’s in season. Have a look at the list of winter fruits and veggies and make the most of those.
  6. Chocolate treats. When it’s raw cacao i’m talking about, you can indulge! Make some Dark Chocolate Florentines and Hot Chocolate…



One response to this post.

  1. you inspire me to eat better! ah please just come here and cook for me! america is not being kind to my belly 😉 put on like 5 kgs! (ok about 3 were probably needed haha) actually its more about being healthy like getting all the vitamins and minerals and good stuff
    loving your blog!


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