Killer breakfasts

So if you’re thinking of starting eating more raw foods, or trying out the superfoods, in my opinion, breakfast is a good place to start. You’re at home, so there’s no excuse and starting the day with loads of nutrition will stop you craving rubbish later in the day.

With this list of all types of breakfast surely something appeals… Like it sweet, like it savoury, like it fast, like it slow – it’s here!

The Power- packed Porridge *raw, vegan, gluten-free

All Bran has the nutrients of cardboard. And Special K is glorified All Bran. Packaged, processed, preserved. Good marketing, empty calories. Get some nutrients for your calories with a suuuper-powered chia porridge.

The Smoothie *raw, vegan, gluten-free

Smoothies have their pro’s and con’s. If you want a quick drink with lots of oompf – great. If you like lots of snacks, maybe save some of your fruits as mid-morning snacks and after- meal deserts and watch the size of the smoothie. A little goes a long way. Try this nice fruity superfood smoothie.

The Perfect Parfait *raw, vegan, gluten-free

Parfait is French for perfect but what we call parfait is far from what the French imagine it. But oh well, I’m going to take it to even further extremes since my parfait doesn’t have either the yoghurt or granola that it “should’. This is a nice summery breakfast that is a vegan, gluten-free take on the good old muesli and yoghurt.

Makin’ Banana Pancakes

These chickpea flour banana pancakes are just as good for rainy mornings indoors as sunny mornings outside… Try these with fresh fruit and hell, maybe make the chocolate almond sauce too.

The Poached Egg

Super- quick protein to start the day – without making a pan all dirty or adding oil.

  1. Put a little water into a mug, swirl it around and tip it back out. Strange but necessary.
  2. Crack an egg in and pierce the yolk with a pin.
  3. Pop into the microwave, stopping to swirl it a bit every few seconds until cooked.

Call me strange, but I like this on toast with tomato and chutney and some rocket if there is. Throw some sprouts on if you have!

Avo on ‘toast’ *Vegan, gluten-free

If you have some left over farinata, pop it into the toaster until it’s crisp again. Gluten-free, super-powered ‘toast’ to pop lots of avo on.

Vegan omelette *vegan, gluten-free

— Recipe coming soon —

Prima colazione to go *raw, vegan, gluten-free

When I first saw the Italians approach breakfast I was slightly horrified. Whilst I concocted a vast bowl of chopped fruit, plain yoghurt and muesli, my Italian friend would sit opposite me (having arrived 10minutes after me for breakfast) and gulp down a sweet pastry before hurling hot coffee down his throat and running on his way before I even got half way through my meal.

It took me a few years, but now the thing I miss most about Italy is heading to a bar in the morning, picking out my sweet, jam-filled brioche, taking the first few bites while the barista gets my cappuchino perfect and maybe have a glance at the headlines in the paper lying on the bar. After a few nice words with the guy who made that beautiful coffee, I’m out the door and ready for the day.

But sadly I can in no way argue that this makes a nutritious start. If you are one of the breakfast-on-the-go types, I have three suggestions:

  1. Raw Cacao Seed Florentines – read: chocolate heaven in a biscuit form that happens to be GOOD for you! This portable breakfast is a million times more nutritious than a breakfast bar (and of course not packaged, processed and preserved) and you can munch it on the go.
  2. Tryyy substitute a natural caffeine-free tea for coffee. I must however admit that this is still an AIM for me, and not a habit. I’m in a clingy relationship with my Bialetti.
  3. Take your own mug with you.

The Traditional Breakfast

This will be a tribute to a favourite tradition of mine, shared with especially awesome people. These breakfasts are for special occasions and are one of my favourite indulgences. My favourite people, around a table filled to capacity with good food (bought the day before in preparation) recounting great moments from the jam the previous night.

Fresh bread, eggs, avo, mushrooms, tomatoes, slices of fruit, good coffee, fresh fruit juice…

As Epicuris put it: “To eat and drink without a friend is to devour like the lion and the wolf“.


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