current adventures and future plans

In January this year I began giving much more thought to the relationship we have with our earth when we live in a city. We rely on the earth to sustain and feed us, and yet we have become more inclined to think that we take care of ourselves, using the earth as a mere resource.

This thought pushed me towards making more conscious decisions about the way I feed myself, in order to consider my own nutrition while at the same time making my habits as sustainable as possible.

The start of this journey was through talking to people, and this blog is a project in which I hope to grow awareness about the implications of our everyday habits and the importance of re-establishing a connection between our habits, our bodies’ needs and the earth that sustains those bodies.

My plan is to grow this blog as a resource that people can use. In the new year I’m planning some new aspects to it:

  • Blog posts by other contributors, to expand this beyond my personal point of view
  • An index of the ingredients I use commonly with nutritional information, cost and where one can buy it, how to prepare/ use it and a description of how it is processed, packaged and transported in order to describe its ‘greenness’.
  • More practical information about eating with l.o.v.e (Local, Organic, Vegetarian and Ethically) – how it affects your body, the earth and your pocket.

In the mean time, I’m off to the Transkei for 2 months with a rucksack of clothes, my other bag stuffed full of seeds, sprouts and books and my hula hoop and yoga mat attached.

Much love


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