This is the story of L.O.V.E. for the earth.

Local. Organic. Vegetarian. Ethical. 

I’m Emma and this is my blog is about how I am trying to make my life in the city move to the rhythm dictated by the earth rather than the rhythm of traffic and google calendars. It started as a collection of my recipes that I scribble onto scraps of paper but has transformed into the general idea of trying to align my buying, cooking and living with the earth’s best interests.

I love cooking. I have always considered myself a healthy eater, but my perception of healthy eating has been a journey. At the moment, my eating is very dominated by the aim of changing my eating habits to put less strain on the earth and help her feed more of us humans. That means I avoid energy inefficient foods (highly processed or packaged foods that traveled a long way) and try to eat good nutritious whole foods to avoiding consuming in excess. So yes, this blog is cooking dominated, but is in no way restricted to recipes.

I love living in Cape Town.  I love watching the sunset from the mountain, the view driving over De Waal Drive, I love looking out the window of Main Road taxis.

I love the mountains. My head works better when I’m walking in them.

I love bright colours. That’s me running in red. Happy as a bird.


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