I try to make my food as healthy, sustainable and energy efficient as possible.

The following are tips I’ve found useful in putting this into practice:
  1. Be flexible in what you eat so that you aren’t eating produce that is out of season or not grown locally.
  2. Cook food less – you use less energy to prepare food, and retain more nutrients in the food. Raw food is on everyone’s tongue – here are some of my thoughts on raw living.
  3. Superpower your greens! Sprout your legumes instead of cooking them. Sprouting increases the vitamins and enzymes in the lentils dramatically. You can sprout lentils, mung beans, alfalfa, fenugreek and chickpeas easily from the shelf in your kitchen! Read more about the benefits of sprouting and how to sprout. *
  4. Take a step back. Instead of buying ready made products, make your own! Try my hummus and a tomato pasta sauce.
  5. Pack lunchboxes. I never leave the house without a pack of food for the day. The small amount of effort saves lots of money and unnecessary packaging and processing.
  6. Make your own drinks instead of buying cooldrinks.
  7. Stock up on superfoods! There are certain foods that are incredibly nutrient dense and these have been termed ‘Superfoods’ and include Chia, Hemp Seed, Wheat grass, Maca, Spirulina and Raw Cacao. Eating foods packed with nutrients means your body needs less food and will be super-powered with energy!
  8. Reduce the amount of meat you eat.

*Coming soon


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