City life is disconnected from nature.  Even though I can see the mountain from my Cape Town apartment and see the sea as I walk up to UCT, city life does not move in the same rhythm as nature.

These are ways that I’ve tried to make my ways a little closer to the earth’s:

  1. Create some greenery – grow a plant or two. All the better if you can eat it.
  2. Grow herbs – these are easy and the rewards of not having to buy those plastic boxes of herbs is huge!
  3. Sprout – I have little glass bottles on my window sill that make delicious sprouts every day
  4. Compost
  5. Recycle – You can drop recycling off at Oasis or get it collected by Abundance Recycling ( Here is Cape Town’s GreenMap
  6. Instead of using shampoo and conditioner which are full of chemicals, use natural products to clean and condition hair.
  7. Freecycle – rather than throwing something away or buying something new – check Freecycle
  8. Food is medicine – eat healthy and stay healthy.

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