I believe in a holistic approach to nutrition and well-being. When I am feeding my body well I feel good and positive, my brain sparks new ideas, I find exercise rewarding and my body stays healthy. However, healthy food choices aren’t green by default and so I pay attention that my eating habits are good for me and the earth.

My goals are:

1. Eat foods that are good for my body, in the right portions and prepared in the right way.

2. Make sure that my eating habits make the least negative effect on the earth as possible.


* Maximise the amount of raw foods I eat

* Eat as many whole foods as possible

  • Minimise processed foods
  • Minimise refined sugars
  • Minimise refined flour and ’empty carbs’

* Eat vegetarian

* Pay attention to portion size

* Avoid acidifying foods and maximise alkalising foods

Although I incorporate the principles of many extreme diet choices and I strongly encourage many raw eating and vegan approaches, I am not 100% raw or vegan or organic. I’m not even 100% vegetarian if I truly feel that holding with tenacity to a rule is counterproductive to the reasons for which I abide by such a rule. Instead, I am trying to find the point of ‘maximum efficiency’ from each of these approaches to eating. I feel that the step of committing to doing something 100% prevents people even starting where as being more raw, more vegetarian and more organic is easy as pie.

I’d like to add that the process of changing my diet has been a slow one over many years. For instance, vegetarianism was a change I made over a long period of time, and it was only after cutting out meat to the point that I didn’t eat it at all that I (reluctantly) took on the label. Maybe sometime I’ll go back to my old explanation of “I’m not vegetarian, I just don’t eat meat”. So no, I didn’t really go through meat cravings. Instead my body grew accustomed to less and less meat until my enjoyment of meat diminished considerably. In the same way, I slowly cut out processed and preserved food and my body has become increasingly resentful when I feed it these things. I never ever thought I’d see the day when chocolate cravings weren’t a usual part of the day!


I then take these nutritional aims and tie those together with my aim to source foods that are as locally and ethically produced as possible and avoid those that are overly processed, preserved and packaged.

Have a look at the Cooking Greener and Shopping Greener pages for my ideas.


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