Starting the change

I often get asked for easy tips on how to start incorporating more meat-free meals and cutting out refined flour and sugars. I like this question a whole lot more than hearing about the many reasons vegetarianism is not a viable option for someone or why the world is collapsing anyway.

Tips for changing habits:

Incorporating more meat-free meals:

  • Avoid just making a chicken stir fry without the chicken. Without protein, you will feel hungry very soon.
  • Find meat-substitutes that work for you. No, not ‘Vegetarian Beef Strips’. I like my Not-quite-falafels which are protein packed and go well in any salad or curry. Put sprouted lentils into salads (try this delicious lentil salad with honey and balsamic dressing). Make a spaghetti alla carbonara.
  • Get a good solid protein packed breakfast by incorporating a good vegan protein like chia, buckwheat and hemp seed. Buckwheat is a good way to start – it’s not expensive and has a neutral pleasant taste and texture.

Minimising refined flour and sugar:

  • Consciously avoid buying these for a week. Refined flour and sugar is addictive, so the more you eat, the more you want. Make the effort to cut it out for a while and you will feel your body no longer craving it and reacting negatively when you eat it again. This was a breakthrough for me.
  • Replace sweet things with good sweetness – read about natural sweeteners and perhaps try making some Raw Cacao Florentines or Truffles.
  • Replace empty carbs with good whole foods that give your body nutrients. Try out chickpea flour for a flour replacement. It’s a wholesome flour, high in protein and vitamins. I make farinata as a nice flatbread and you can make pancakes as a reward after the tough week. Throw buckwheat and hemp into salads and your breakfast.

Make this work for you:

  • Sit down and think about how you currently eat and shop and identify unnecessary bad habits that are easily changed.
  • Write a list of things you can change and put it on the fridge to remind you.
  • Write a list of good recipe ideas for those days when you lack inspiration and would normally turn to old habits.
  • Think of substitutes for things you want to cut out. For example, I use buckwheat and chia seeds to replace the breakfast cereals I used to eat with my morning yoghurt.



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